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I'd like to give you a little preview of what you will experience in this workshop.

Allow me share with you my own goodbye to a friendship.

About This Workshop

There are so many ways in which we experience loss, yet many of us exist in cultures without resonant practices to midwife us through our grief and complicated feelings.

Some examples of loss:

  • A death
  • The end of a relationship
  • The emergence of a disability or chronic health condition
  • Transitioning to a more right-fit identity
  • A different relationship to faith
  • The close of a chapter in life


When trauma was involved in a relationship or chapter of life, we may struggle alone because our authentic range of feelings don't have a place to be honestly expressed and honored.

Systemic Injustice

Our grief, along with anger and despair, engulfs us when loss is a result of systemic injustice. 

And, any kind of loss is compounded by the impact of marginalization & devaluation

Positive Transitions
Some transitions in life are freeing and celebratory, and yet even freeing transitions can have elements of loss. 

When we make space for grief even in happiness, we become able to enter more wholeheartedly into our new lives.

Carl Jung spoke of ritual as the bridge between the the chapter of life that is closing, and the new chapter we are entering.

Using the medium of collage, I’ll walk you gently through listening to what your soul needs to express in its grief.

We’ll turn this into a powerful practice to ground and support you through loss.

Since grief is a process, you'll be able to come back to this ritual on your own as many times as feels right to you.

If the loss you are grieving is a loved one (human or animal), there will be support for continuing your relationship with them as an ancestor who remains, in some ways, more intimately connected in death than in life.

Supplies Needed

You will need to gather these supplies prior to watching the workshop:

  1. 5 - 7 pieces of paper or card stock
    (I recommend they be cut down to 5 x 8 each)

  2. Images from magazines, photos, cards, or printed out 
    (If possible, pick images of landscapes and/or interiors, animals, and people).

  3. Scissors

  4. Paste or glue

  5. Journal or paper & something to write with

*Collages using images created by others cannot be sold, traded, or bartered.

We thank all the wonderful photographers & artists whose images inspired us to recreate and discover our inner & outer worlds.

All Are Welcome

You don't need to be "artistic" or have experience with collage to join us. I'll walk you step-by-step through the process.

I especially welcome those whose identities are marginalized due to race, gender expression, sexuality, disability, chronic illness, body size, nationality, and any other quality that is "othered."

All personality types are welcome.

A SoulCollage card of a turtle surrounded by fish swimming under water. Below the turtle, still underwater, birds fly, and below them, zebras run on the ocean floor

Anti-Dogma and Anti-Spiritual Bypassing

Participation in this workshop does not require adopting a new belief system.

You'll be invited to incorporate only the aspects of the practice that resonate for you.

The practice you will be introduced to is not a spiritual bypass, a way of dissociating from the realities of loss, or of exploitation, inequity, and despoliation. 

In fact, the soul has a primary concern for whomever and whatever is marginalized, rejected, objectified, devalued, or orphaned. 

The medicine the soul offers invites us into right relationship with ourselves, each other, and the earth. 

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